Albert has been tutoring my middle school son twice a week in math for the past five months. He is always professional,  punctual, prepared, and thoughtful in his approach. My son had fallen behind in math,  and Albert was readily able to determine which concepts he needed to review, in order to master the higher level math operations his class was covering. His test grades went from C's to A's within one month.

Albert ensures that my son knows the math by making him do the problems and watching closely to see where mistakes are being made. This may sound like an obvious quality for a good math tutor, but I have observed many tutors doing more math problems than their students. Overall, I am thrilled to have my son working with Albert. Watching my son's attitude and confidence in math blossom has been the gift of a lifetime.


As a return student to university, I have struggled to compete with my peers. I left high school in the 9th grade and after the 10 year gap I barely remembered how to do single variable algebra.  

Although It would take months for him to learn the science of some of my courses, he continually finished problems that I couldn't do alone and he  explained the gaps in my textbook examples. After solving the example he could identify the exact topic, by name usually, that I was missing from high school.  This empowered me to return to the basics, and enabled me to correct the ignorance while keeping up with my courses. 

When working together, Albert was very understanding and respectful.  His patience encouraged me through the more complicated problems allowing me to understand the deeper concepts.

Albert's assistance improved my short term performance and also led me towards educational independence. Most of my courses were foreign to Albert and yet he has remained my most valued lifeline.