Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the first session like? What do I need to bring?

A. During the initial session, I quickly assess each student to identify the student’s key knowledge gaps. I typically use whatever homework or textbook the student is currently using to complete this assessment. At the end of the session, I sit down with the student or parent to create a comprehensive plan to meet the student’s learning goals.

Q. How long is a tutoring session? How often do you meet with students?

A. Typically, each student receives two 60 minute sessions each week. This minimizes the content that needs to be repeated each session. I typically offer a discount for extended sessions and more frequent sessions. Not only is this a great way to save money, you will see more rapid improvement.

Q. Where do we meet?

A. We can either meet at my home or I can meet your student at your home. I can often meet students at the library or a nearby coffee shop if it is more convenient. By not having a physical location, I keep my overhead low so I can offer you much better rates.

Q. It seems like my child is doing a lot of review, is this normal?

A. Without a sound foundation in the fundamentals of mathematics, learning a new concept is not only difficult but sometimes impossible. Many students begin to find mathematics and science more enjoyable after they begin to understand these missed concepts.

While many curriculum based approaches take students back to their last mastered subject and basically restart the learning process, I only cover the subjects that the student doesn’t understand. I call this process targeted review. Usually, I incorporate targeted review into the learning of new concepts but more serious cases might require more backtracking.

As I remind parents, my goal is to prepare all of my students for long term success by providing the necessary review to bring them back to speed. Shorter term solutions might seem like a good idea but most don’t stick and cost more anguish and money in the long run.

Q. How do you compare to tutoring centers with curriculum based approaches?

A. Many tutoring centers use worksheets to administer tutoring. Several of these programs require expensive diagnostic testing ($200-300) before they even begin tutoring. While the person managing the center might have impressive credentials, the people administering the program typically have little educational experience. These worksheets take a simple brute force approach to review so students repeat many concepts they might have already mastered. The result is you pay more for slower results. In addition, many of these programs require worksheets to be completed at home daily which creates more work for stressed out students.

In comparison, my sessions are targeted on each student’s trouble areas. Once mastery is shown, we immediately move on to a new concept. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me at or give us a call.